In 2006 Eco Merch was founded with one mission. To change the print industry. To show the way, to show that a print company completely focussed on low impact print methods and sustainable materials could be commercially viable.

It has taken a long time for the market to develop and the first 10 years were spent educating customers on the importance of organic cotton over conventional cotton, and lobbying wholesale brands to offer sustainable garments.

Although we have had to make some compromises in order to function commercially, such as using some screen reclaiming solutions (although hazard label free) that we avoided at the start, the following principles apply to the everything we do:

  • A net carbon positive studio – since 2014
  • No waste goes to Landfill – since 2009
  • No conventional cotton or virgin plastics offered – since 2006 (ever)
  • Only 100% water based inks allowed in the print process – since 2006 (ever)
  • No virgin plastics used in the Embroidery process – since first offered in 2022 (ever)
  • All products meet minimum social and environmental criteria, certified by a recognised certification body with independently audited supply chains – since 2014

If you have been searching around for a Print On Demand supplier or a bulk garment decorator you will have most likely come across many companies claiming to be sustainable. So who and what is really sustainable?

Thankfully it is quite easy to determine, if they are sustainable, they don’t do anything that is not sustainable. Check their other products, not just the ones you are looking for. If they offer 100% cotton garments, are they certified organic? ALL of them? If they offer polyester or nylon garments or mixes with other fabrics, are they 100% recycled? All of them? If they offer screen printing are their inks 100% water based? All of them?

In recent years the industry has gone through a change, a move to more sustainable products but the changes are only skin deep. We need deep rooted change and as a critical part of the industry you can accelerate these changes by asking the right questions and only supporting truly forward thinking sustainable businesses.

The power is ours and the time is now.